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Home Control System by Nov@
HCS (Home Control System by Nov@) is a personal project to make a low cost home automation system. Actual tasks:
  • Lighting control systems.
  • Security control includes:
    • sensors of detection of movement,
    • sensors of magnetic contact,
    • simulation of presence and
    • access control by RFID tags.
  • Human Interface Device through a web application.

The software is write in J2EE language with English comments. The software implements internationalization (I18N) and is translate in English and French. The software license can be found here.

Logic diagram of HCS project.
  • Romain RÜDIGER
  • 01/09/09 Manage Interfacekit cards on the network
    Second object: the shutter
  • 20/07/09 fixs some bugs from the last update
    Update security rules
    Add function "Logout"
  • 05/21/09 Rebuild the starting process to no more wait interfaceKits.
    Rebuild the view, use of facelets and use XHTML syntax.
    Cleanup the jcrontab code.
  • 04/23/09 Update of the wiki
  • 04/01/09 Redesign the interface
  • 03/15/09 Update the log manager
  • 03/01/09 Implement of the task scheduler
  • 02/01/09 First object: the light
  • 08/01/08 Start of the implementation of the core
  • 04/01/08 Start of the project