Check Horde updates by Zabbix

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Very simple way to check if a new update is available for an horde installation.

Prerequisites :

-horde is installed by Pear
-have a Zabbix agent on the web server

Add this line in the configuration file of the Zabbix agent :

UserParameter=pear.update[*],/usr/bin/pear list-upgrades | /bin/grep -q "Channel $1.*: No upgrades available"; echo $?

With this configuration, you can check any channel for an update by Zabbix !

On Zabbix, create a value mapping 'Check update' with:

0 ⇒ Up to date
1 ⇒ Update available

Create a new item on your host or a template with:

Name: Horde check for update
Type: Zabbix agent
Key: pear.update[horde]
Check interval: 21600
Value: Check update

Create a trigger:

Name: Horde is not up to date
Expression: {template_horde:pear.update[horde].last(0)}=1
Severity: Medium