APC - NetBotz Rack Monitor 450

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I recently get this rack monitor equipment so I make a quick tour of the inputs/outputs. I also get an APC - InfraStruXure Manager Server.

APC - NetBotz Rack Monitor 450

Electrical input

100-240 V, 50/60 Hz, 1A

Network port

Ethernet RJ45 10/100 Base-T


Network initial configuration

Remote access to the control console
From any computer on the same network as the Main Module, you can use ARP and Ping to assign an IP address to a Main Module, and then use Telnet to access that Main Module’s control console and configure the needed TCP/IP settings. 
1. Use the MAC address of the Main Module in the ARP command to define the IP address.
 For example, to define an IP address of for a Main Module that has a Environmental Manager: Main Module 19 MAC address of 00 c0 b7 63 9f 67, use one of the following commands:
  –Windows® command format:
  arp -s 00-c0-b7-63-9f-67
  –LINUX command format:
  arp -s 00:c0:b7:63:9f:67
2. Use Ping with a size of 113 bytes to assign the 
 IP address defined by the ARP command. For example: 
  –Windows command format:
   ping -l 113
  –LINUX command format:
   ping -s 113
3. Use Telnet to access the Main Module at its newly assigned IP address. For example: 
4. Use apc for both User Name and Password.
5. See “Control console” on this page to finish the configuration.


  • 24V
  • 12V
  • Relays 1 : NO, COM, NC
  • Relays 2 : NO, COM, NC


  • 4 inputs : 4-20 mA
RJ45 pinout
6 APC sensor inputs (RJ45 connectors) :
Type Resistor kΩ (between input 1 and 3) Input(s)
Voltage 6.5 to 7 7
Dry contact 5.5 to 6 6 and 7
Vibration 2.5 to 3
Door switch 2
Temperature & Humidity 1 to 1.5
Smoke 0.5 to 1
Temperature 0 to 0.4