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I recently get this APC equipment made to manage a small datacenter. I'm not interested by the purpose of this appliance so I just check if there is something interesting inside !

APC - InfraStruXure Manager Server - front view
APC - InfraStruXure Manager Server - inside view

Ok, this is serious! I was interested to look inside when I plug the unit and heard the characteristic beep of a Phoenix BIOS initialization.

APC didn't design a specific board to handle their InfraStruXure Manager application, they simply use an embedded motherboard of avalue company and an Hard-Drive. This is a surprise as it's not the case of the NetBotz Rack Monitor 450 which is an APC electronic board.

Original stuff

  • Power Supply Unit from 100-240 V to +5 V and +12 V.
  • Motherboard 3.5" :
    • Onboard VIA Eden ESP8000 800 (133X6.0) MHz CPU
    • VIA VT8606 Chipset
    • TFT, 2-CH LVDS
    • AC97 Audio
    • Dual Realtek 8139C 10/100Mbps LAN
    • 1 PC/104, Type I/II CF
    • 2 COM, 2 USB 1.1
  • Memory Kingston SODIMM 256MB
  • Seagate hard-drive of 30GB

Model Avalue ECM-3610
Power + 5\text{ V - }2.31\text{ A, }+12\text{ V - }0.07\text{ A}
CPU Onboard VIA Eden ESP8000 800 (133X6.0) MHz CPU
Mémory Kingston SODIMM 256MB
Ethernet Dual Realtek 8139C 10/100Mbps LAN
I/O 2 x EIDE (Ultra DMA 100), 2 x FDD, 1 x LPT,1 x RS-232, 1 x RS-232/422/485, 1 x K/B & Mouse

2 x USB 1.1 ports

Display Chipset VIA VT8606 TwisterT with integrated S3 Savage4 2D/3D graphics engine

Mount exemple

For a CNC project I mounted the mobo like that.

Re-Flash the BIOS

As APC put their BIOS (you can just change the time and show PC health information !), I need to flash the BIOS with the firmware available on the avalue site. But the APC BIOS don't boot on Floppy or USB device so I created an emulated floppy boot CD with winimage software.

Here is my boot disk with:

  • DOS 6.22
  • awdflash.exe the flash utility of Phoenix BIOS.
  • BIOS image:
    • 3610r14 BIOS v1.4 of the 03/27/2003
    • 3610r16 BIOS v1.6 of the 11/11/2004

Downloads: Boot image with ECM-3610 BIOS v1.4 or Boot image with ECM-3610 BIOS v1.6

Then connect an IDE CD-ROM drive and power on the unit. At the prompt, type : awdflash, put as input file : 3610r14.BIN or 3610r16.BIN, wait, reboot and enjoy the complete BIOS.

APC - InfraStruXure Manager Server - ECM-3610 BIOS v1.6 boot

APC - InfraStruXure Manager Server - ECM-3610 Mechanical Drawing - 140x100